Alte Langhe Albergo Ristorante


Alte Langhe Albergo Ristorante

Our Restaurant has tried as much as possible to keep intact the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the Alta Langa, where the local farmers would gather at the Ostu (Osteria) after a long day's work,  to spend some time together and discuss the topics of the day.

Our dining rooms have large windows overlooking the surrounding landscape, with a 360-degree view of all the hills that collectively make up this wonderful land called Alta Langa.

Our balcony is a reinterpretation of the old Langa balconies characteristic for their sober paving and with  a natural shade, provided by the centuries-old "Topia" (Grape Vine Pergola) constantly cared for and kept intact over the decades, under which it is possible to enjoy lunch or dinne,  drink a glass of good wine or have a coffee while savoring the pleasure of relaxing the way, once common to these areas.

Thanks to its picturesque historic centre, Bossolasco, in the Alta Langa, is known as 'the Land of Roses'.
Hospitality, wine and food, typical products, but also art, history, culture and tradition, make Bossolasco a popular tourist destination.

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