Max Bar Pizzeria


Max Bar Pizzeria

Our story begins in 1986, we opened the first venue in Somano without any experience and without knowing what we were getting ourselves into, but with a dream in our head: we wanted to make something exclusively our own, a dream that made us take the bet.

Over time, from nothing we grew, always trying to improve, and this allowed us to reach another milestone; in 1995 we moved our business to Bossolasco.

On a plot of land on the slope facing northwest, we built the building for the pizzeria and swimming pool, a place that overlooks the Langa hills and the plain surrounded by the Alpine arc, the location offers a spectacular view of an enchanting panorama in all seasons! In summer, you can dine outside on the terrace and enjoy pleasant coolness and be enchanted by breathtaking sunsets!

Max has always followed a line of the good and digestible, choosing the best, starting with the quality of raw materials. But let's not forget our bruschetta, a real specialty! A simple slice of cooked bread, freshly stuffed with a choice of various flavors, which becomes crispy, crumbly and very digestible, a success that has won the hearts of our loyal customers!

Opening Hours
Monday closed (in summer months - July and August - also open on monday)
Tuesday 09:30 - 24:00
Wednesday 09:30 - 24:00
Thursday 09:30 - 24:00
Friday 09:30 - 24:00
Saturday 09:30 - 24:00
Sunday 09:30 - 24:00

Thanks to its picturesque historic centre, Bossolasco, in the Alta Langa, is known as 'the Land of Roses'.
Hospitality, wine and food, typical products, but also art, history, culture and tradition, make Bossolasco a popular tourist destination.

Comune di Bossolasco


Proloco Bossolasco

Piazza Oberto 1, Bossolasco