Thanks to its charming old town Bossolasco, in Alta Langa, is known as "the Rose Village" and even nicknamed the "Portofino of the Langhe." 
Along the central street, fragrant roses of all varieties grow by the roadside, adorning the charming village.

In summer, the village is embellished with colorful flowers that have enabled it to participate in the "Flower Town" competition. 

Walk Historic Center

The old village is accessed from the 'Ragazzi del '99' Square, until the last century called Piazzetta di San Cristoforo. Here stood the Church and Hospital of St. Christopher: the latter run by the Congregation of Charity of Bossolasco whose purpose was "to distribute relief according to the needs of the poor.

"From the end of the 19th century the church was used as a warehouse and later sold to private individuals. Following the ancient slope into the historic center , now Via Umberto I, one reaches the central square, overlooked by the parish church dedicated to St. John the Baptist and the Palazzo Balestrino of the Marchesi del Carretto family.

Why is it the Village of the Roses?

The idea of beautifying the village with flowers, and especially roses, dates back to the late 1950s and early 1960s, and can be attributed to Mayor Riccardo Montanaro. The pharmacist of the time, Aldo Dellaferrera, contributed financially to the cost.

The small rose plants were donated to the residents of the historic center,  on Via Umberto I, to be grafted along the edge of the street, near the wall of their houses; over time this initiative was supported by the successor mayors and extended beyond the historic center.

Since 2005 we have been celebrating this event on the first Sunday in June, although the month of the rose is May, but in the mountain area due to the cool climate and altitude, roses reach peak bloom a little late and stay that way for most of the summer, only to return to bloom again sometimes in the winter months.

Coat of Arms of the Municipality of Bossolasco

"The commune of Bossolasco bears a Shield of azure and three hills of green, of which the tallest middle one is surmounted by a plant of boxwood in the natural; the hills are topped with three gold stars with five rays, with a river in the natural exiting to the right of the main hill and turning toward the tip of the Shield; all laid on the countryside of green. The shield is surmounted by a third-order crown due to municipalities with no more than 3,000 inhabitants and adorned with two branches, the first of laurel and the second of oak, laced under the tip of the shield."


itinerario Dicover the 'paese delle rose'

Thanks to its charming historic center Bossolasco, in Alta Langa, is known as the "Rose Village" and even nicknamed the "Portofino of the Langhe." Along the central street, fragrant roses of all varieties grow by the roadside, adorning the charming village.


The impeccable service and the splendid views offered by all the hoteliers, B&Bs and Relais in the area make a vacation in Alta Langa an unforgettable experience.


The Langa is synonymous with good food, born of the modest economic conditions of its inhabitants, evolved over time by employing natural ingredients...


In Bossolasco you can do some shopping, find the services you need for daily life, and then some more...

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Thanks to its picturesque historic centre, Bossolasco, in the Alta Langa, is known as 'the Land of Roses'.
Hospitality, wine and food, typical products, but also art, history, culture and tradition, make Bossolasco a popular tourist destination.

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